Leader or Follower?
Prototyping makes the difference.

ImagineOn offers Innovation as a service through prototyping.
We design and develop products and services,
to create innovation for others.

Innovation does not happen at the drawing board

yet you can still plan it.

Too many good ideas are not prototyped because "we already know the solution".
The conclusion could not be more wrong, experience is an obstacle to innovation!
So, before looking for reasons for failure or a cost explosion in hindsight, a well thought-out prototyping process ensures
that your investment goes to the right features of an idea and these get refined to a cutting edge level.

Selected Services

We create individual and innovative products and services

Want to make your product "smart"?

Let us help you right at the beginning, conceptualising your product’s secure integration in the IoT. We help in developing the electronics, writing a secure firmware chose a cloud platform and a mobile app .

In need for digitalisation of processes?

We holistically analyse the options to improve processes with hard- and software and develop individual solutions or support with the implementation of existing technologies for your company.

Just need some advice or consulting?

Our advice comes with all the explanations you deserve. We tell you the whats and the whys so you can make an informed decision about investing in your digital future.

Selected projects

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ImagineOn GmbH
Neusser Str. 27-29
50670 Köln


+49 (0)221 120 947-0

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We don't post individual jobs, but we're always looking for talented people. If you think you'll make a good addition to our team, drop us a line and tell us about your talents and passion and then let's get to know each other!

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