Elevator monitoring with "LIFTIS alert"

TÜV Rheinland partnered with ImagineOn to develop a new digital safety montioring system for elevators

Not only the integrity and well-being of the passengers depend on the safety of an elevator system. The safe and reliable functioning of an elevator is also crucial for maintaining efficient building operations.

Elevators make hundreds to thousands of trips every day and can break down for a variety of reasons: power failure, mechanical failure, improper door operation, sensor or control system failure, overload or lack of maintenance.

Minimizing the duration of elevator outages is extremely important for cost-effective and smooth building operation.

Such failures can cause the elevator to stop between floors, doors not opening or closing properly, or unsafe leveling with the floor. To prevent this, regular maintenance and inspections are essential, but unforeseen circumstances can lead to malfunctions. If an elevator then breaks down, it is usually taken out of service for a period of time until the problem is rectified by qualified technicians. This leads to reduced accessibility for people with disabilities, increased congestion and waiting times for potentially remaining elevators, and possible disruption to general building operations

The LIFTIS alert kit on a test stand

In addition to regular maintenance, compliance with safety standards and operation by trained personnel, we have developed the perfect tool for such safe elevator operation with TÜV Rheinland: LIFTIS alert.

LIFTIS alert is a digital solution that analyzes the behavior of a lift and informs the operator directly in the event of faults or abnormalities. Around the clock. Regardless of the manufacturer, elevator type or year of construction: LIFTIS alert is compatible.

To be put into operation in the shortest possible time, the kit analyzes the behavior of the system non-invasively using highly sensitive sensors. This data allows for continuous monitoring of the health of the elevator system to detect deviations or anomalies that could indicate wear, mechanical problems or other potential failures.

A failure or a person being trapped is reported directly to the smartphone via a push message

Two apps build the systems's interface

The customer app for iOS and Android offers the user the opportunity to display and understand malfunctions in the operating process of the elevator systems on the smartphone. The operating states of the elevator system are displayed both as a push message and in a system and message overview.

LIFTIS alert Customer-App

A separate service app for technicians supports the initial setup of the system on site.

LIFTIS alert app for TUV technicians

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