Home ventilation reinterpreted: getAir SmartControl Hub

With the pioneers in decentralized room ventilation, we have set new standards for "smart" ventilation.

If you don't know what the term means: decentralized home ventilation is used to control humidity and a continuous exchange of air inside your home. This helps create the optimal room climate and prevents mold

the getAir SmartControl Hub

Geez! Isn't a simply "on / off" switch enough for this?

While that might be true for some: the connected home is about making the direct interaction with the devices around you unnecessary, operating them more efficient that manually possible.

Joining forces with getAir, we have developed a connectivity concept that adapts the core ventilation functions to the needs of the user. During the night, e.g. when you want the system to as quietly as possible, or if you want to “ventilate” the apartment once in the morning, while saving power for the rest of the day when you're on vacation.

getAir's "SmartConnectivity" app

Using the app, which of course is a free download, individual time profiles can be implemented in the simplest possible way, but also sensor data such as humidity, temperature and air quality (determined from humidity, CO2 content and organic components of the room air) can be monitored.

The app also enables the ventilation system to be linked to the Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant and reacts to intuitive commands such as "Air the living room for 10 minutes".

For the complete integration into the connected home, the system offers an open API that can be easily integrated into third-party smart home hubs or, by ambitious developers, into self-made systems.

There is even the option of integrating the sensor data into your own automation. And of course the system also deserves the name "Trustworthy Technology": On one hand, it can also be used without an app and internet connection, but the connection from the app to the ventilation system is also implemented exclusively via the internal WiFi of your house or apartment .

The system only has to access the Internet if you want to access it from remote locations or voice control is required.

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