We are ImagineOn

We are user interface experts

We work closely with your experience architects and interaction designers and give them advice about platform and device specifics to help maximize the user experience.

We are your idea engineers

You want to try out if your idea is feasible? Need to find an investor for your project, but don’t want to go there empty-handed? We turn your idea into a presentable mock or a working prototype and cost out the real deal with you!

We are long term partners

Come over and tell us about your project. We’ll discuss your plans and assist you with fine-tuning and help you with getting things in the right direction.

We are technology designers

IoT, wearable, smart-home or point of sale device - we develop the electronics, firmware, enclosure and transform Your idea into a working prototype or a pre-series, accompany You on the way to mass production and the necessary certification or patent registration processes.

But we also develop User Interfaces, Business Logic and APIs for Mobile, Desktop and Embedded Applications. From first draft to end-of-life: we support, maintain code and take care of the publishing process and the continuous deployment

From first idea to final product: We offer consulting services around choosing the right target platform, do analytics and support in the areas of software security, QA and platform conformity, as well as in development and implementation of individualised digital processes.

We are professional makers

There is a lot of talk about the "user experience" of a product. In addition to the design aspect in the development of a user interface, the choice of the right technologies and a well thought-out implementation of the software - especially in terms of security and longevity - plays the most important role, so that the user has a continuously pleasant experience when using it.

The growing field of connected devices requires a broad knowledge in different fields to be usable in a pleasant way while at the same time safe to use. In addition to a profound know-how in terms of up-to-date user interfaces, we have the needed experience with regard to the special requirements when developing embedded systems for these devices.

Our services in detail


  • CI/CD Prozesse
  • UX-Beratung
  • Interaction Design
  • Machbarkeits-Studien
  • Security-Assessments


  • Mobile Nativ (Swift/Kotlin)
  • Mobile Hybrid (Flutter)
  • Backend (Python, Node.js)
  • Firmware (C/C++)
  • Desktop (Qt, WPF&UWP)
  • Web (Vue)


  • Schaltplan-Entwurf
  • PCB-Layouting
  • BOM-Optimierung
  • EMV & Safety
  • Serien-Vorbereitung
  • Prototypen-Fertigung


  • Konzeptkonstruktion
  • CAD-Konstruktion
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Polyjet Printing
  • Kunststoff & Metall
  • Design-for-Manufacturing

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