Trustworthy Technology Manifesto

For us, trustworthy technology means that a device or application will respect the privacy of its users and ...

... should not collect data for the sake of collecting. The use of user's data should be communicated openly and the users should have access to their data at any time, as well as the right to irretrievably delete these data. During development, the state of the art of technology should be used to implement privacy-by-design.

... should not contain any hidden elements or functions that aren't known to its users.

that the purchase of a device means the users...

... own the device completely and that it can be used as intended even without the server infrastructures of the manufacturer.

... have the right to open the device and repair it themselves. Where possible, schematics should be openly accessible and no action taken to complicate opening or even destroy the device when trying to open it.

that it not only respects physical security, but also cyber-security and the vendor or manufacturer ...

... provides software updates to maintain functionality and, most importantly, cyber security for the lifetime of the device, and these ideally are deployed automatically.

... applies the best practices of security-by-design principles in development and sells the device with security-by-default settings and does not try to achieve security by obscurity or obfuscation.

... uses strong state of the art encryption to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

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