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Staufenbiel Institute

This event app is custom-designed for the annual Staufenbiel "Absolventenkongress" fair, to drive engagement among attendees before, during and after the event. Users can share their CVs, edit their professional skills to find potential employers, and access the event’s agenda right at their fingertips.

Users can access all event information directly on the app: interactive hall plan, list of exhibiting companies, conference agenda, and of course directions to the venue. Candidates could also complete their CV directly on the application. After that, using a match-making process, the employer scans through the profiles and invites them to their booth prior to the event – which proved to save time for both the employer and the future candidate. 
Using a QR code placed on all booths, the visitors can scan it through the application and receive all information about the company, and of course all open positions. 

But wait, there's more!

We also integrated iBeacon technology. Beacons are installed and activated around the entire venue and on each booth. Whenever the graduates are at close proximity to an exhibitor that listed similar criteria and interests, they receive a push message on their smartphone. A perfect match-making tool! 

To sum it up... 

The young generation is becoming more and more dependent on their mobile devices. Such event applications not only help save a lot of money on print material – but also save a lot of time. The Absolventcongress event application is game changing for Staufenbiel – it connects people in a whole new way. 

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