Voice Assistant Integration

What we offer

Voice assistants are one of the user interfaces of the future. However, integrating a product into the ecosystem of a voice assistant is not just a technical issue. For each product and service, an individual voice interaction must be designed so that it is natural for the user to interact with a particular device in this way. Failure to properly balance the voice commands and system responses will quickly lead to rejection of the entire product. We help you with the integration of voice control and offer the following concrete services:

Dialogue implementation

  • Design of the speech interaction 
  • Implementing speech interaction in intents (at logical level)
  • Creating the intents (which phrases are there, which values should be extracted)
  • For devices with a screen: visual feedback design
  • Translate device features into SmartHome vendor-specific schemas

Backend integration

  • Receive, verify, process and send messages to the Voice Assistant
  • Authentication via Amazon / Google or other means
  • Set up endpoint(s)

You would like to control your product via a voice assistant? We are happy to advise you!

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