We are ImagineOn

We’re User-Interface Experts. 

We work closely with your experience architects and interaction designers and give them advice about platform and device specifics to help maximize the user experience. 

We’re Idea Engineers. 

You want to try out if your idea is feasible? Need to find an investor for your project, but don’t want to go there empty-handed? We turn your idea into a presentable mock or a working prototype and cost out the real deal with you! 

We are Your Partners. 

Come over and tell us about your project. We’ll discuss your plans and assist you with fine-tuning and help you with getting things in the right direction.

We’re business-critical!

Our creations are rugged and ready for use outside the safe play area.

While we can’t claim to never have done any freebie or gimmick, we’re proud that the largest percentage of what leaves our premises is software, that serves a business purpose.

To accomplish such projects we have a streamlined dev and QA process, i.e. we have a toolset of our own libraries and frameworks that have proven reliable over many years. We do obligatory peer reviews, use static code analysis based on meaningful rules and ensure appropriate test-coverage. 

We’re multi-platform natives

We fluently speak C(++), Swift, C#, Kotlin, TypeScript and Java

That’s why we know Android, iOS/OSX, Windows and Linux like the back of our hand… We focus on six major programming languages and the five major platforms to cover 99% of the market’s mobile and desktop devices.

We’re agile. No-holds-barred.

What do You think, when you hear the term “Agile software development” ? After asking our clients, partners and friends we’ve come to terms, that there are a few misconceptions out there. It’s mostly perceived as some silver bullet to flawlessly create any kind of software. Well, to tell the truth: it’s not. But if you look at the very heart of it, the agile manifesto, you’ll quickly realize what agile means to us:

be flexible, communicate good and think outside the box to produce a working product.

Just as an example: since agile development values individuals over tools (that any software company has a ton of – we really can’t do without some fancy machinery that keeps things ticking over) for the past years we’ve been working on a system of our own, that keeps everything together and makes technology work in the background while we can indulge in our passion: creating cool stuff for you.


ImagineOn GmbH
Neusser Str. 27-29
50670 Köln


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