Machine-Learning Applications

In conversations with friends and business partners, the notion of a human-like being often dominates the terms artificial intelligence or machine learning, which can take over any work from us or completely replace us. 

In reality, we are still very far from this kind of general artificial intelligence. Today's AI relieves people in very specific areas. Is there a tedious, repetitive task that only humans can currently do? Is this task subject to difficult-to-formulate rules that are intuitively understandable to humans? 

We work with you to explore the problem and find out if and how it can be solved through machine learning.

How can machine learning be used without "big data"?
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Machine learning already makes it possible to recognize difficult patterns and to classify new, unprocessed material based on these patterns. However, training these systems often requires large amounts of sample data. You do not have this kind of data? Not a problem! We work with you to develop a strategy to find or generate the necessary data to create a personalized solution optimized for your specific application needs.


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