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Connected is not the same as smart. Are You already distributing a product or device and would like to expand it with a digital component? Should the product be controlled more intelligently by connecting it to the Internet? Should it create added value through integration with other services? Should it adapt to the habits of the individual user during operation? You need a new way to analyze the use of your product to improve it? Or do you want to create something new, which is only possible through the clever combination of new technologies with hardware? We are your partner!

Thanks to our many years of experience with distributed real-time systems, know-how in the areas of hardware design, firmware development and mobile applications, we know exactly what to do. Together we conceive a meaningful digitization of an existing product or develop your idea to a mature level. At the same time, we will not shy away from asking difficult questions or eliminating unnecessary components. Because only in this way, true to our motto "Joy of Use, Peace of Mind" , we can create a safe and reliable smart device that will delight your users.

Inspire us with your idea! Drop us a line and we'll get in touch.

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